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I’m reaching out to those of you who are feeling a little lost right now.  Your vision of your future has become a little fuzzy, you feel somewhat caught up in the turmoil of the unknown.

If this sounds like you then you needn’t despair, you just need a helping hand to get you back on track, to help you find a new direction, and to help you set some new goals moving forward.

Transformational Coaching will help facilitate you through the fuzziness by clearing a path so you can move forward again with confidence towards your desired outcome with achievable goals and sustainable success.

If you are in a situation where you are forced to make changes due to unforeseen circumstances, having a few sessions with a transformational coach can help you to see a future again.

Hi, my name is Cheryl Johnson, I am a professional certified transformative coach by Coach Masters Academy and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

“my mission is to help my clients through periods of their life where they find themselves having to change direction to enable them to move forward to their desired outcome”

BIG CHANGE can unsettle us mentally & physically and can totally exhaust us at times.

It is recognising the signs when you need a little helping hand to clear your thoughts, to recharge, to take a step back, to take a breath, to set some new goals in a new direction in your life.

The sooner you get some transformational coaching the sooner you will be able to move through the blocks that are currently holding you from moving forward and you can then start putting things in place to make your life easier and more manageable.

You will be able to make the decisions that are best for you at the time, set and achieve your desired goals and your coach will help you to be accountable for the actions you put in place for yourself this will help you to achieve sustainable change that will enable you to move forward toward your desired outcome the “outcome of your choosing.”

What is Transformational Coaching – Career/Work/Life

Transformational Coaching helps to take you from point A current situation to point B where you want to be, your desired situation.

Transformational Coaching:
  • Helps you to Discover  what you really want
  • Helps Enlighten you to emerging opportunities to set and achieve your personal and career goals with the right balance
  • Helps Empower you to find the best answers that breed success and to create a plan to do the actions to make it happen.
  • Helps you to create Success in all aspects of your life, to live your desired life that is true to who you are, your beliefs, values, and passion moving forward.

It is all about you. I facilitate by asking you questions that help you look within yourself for the answers. I will help you draw out ideas, your, talent, knowledge, and experience that is already within you. This helps you to move forward empowering you to be in charge of your decisions and life changes moving forward.

“Coaching Partnership”

As your Elite Life Coach, I will partner with you to achieve positive results, in doing so I will help you to set some goals and hold you accountable to your actions to make those goals happen and because the solutions come from you, the changes you make in your life are more successful and sustainable.

“Is Coaching For You?”      Transformational coaching inspires, motivates and, empowers people to achieve well in all 8 areas of your Life:
Family/Friends, Work/Career, Finances, Personal Growth, Health, Relationships/Romance, Physical Environment, Fun/Recreation

Coaching is for anyone who wants to be the best they can be and achieve the best they can in all aspects of their life,

My biggest lesson I have learned in my life is if you don’t give 100% then you don’t get 100% back

I was a single parent for fifteen years and brought up a wonderful daughter and son.  I have had a career in Advertising, Sales, Recruitment, HR, Real estate, and Coaching just to name a few.

My philosophy is; the more I can help people make discoveries about themselves, to gain clarity and become enlightened to their many choices, options, and opportunities the more empowered they become. This enables them to set and achieve goals towards success in all areas of their life moving forward

Through coaching, I  can help you to:

  • Gain the confidence to get through tough situations and make a plan for moving forward.
  • Find clarity in difficult situations and find the best solutions for each challenge.
  • Find out what is stopping you from moving forward and make a plan of action.
  • Set and start achieving your goals.
  • Help yourself by providing you with DIY strategies & tools.
  • See options and opportunities past your current situation.
  • Get through self-doubt and the feeling of not being worthy.
  • Find ways to balance your family, work, and relationships.
  • Work out what career you really want and help you move towards it.
  • Realise that you are stronger than you think you are.

 You can choose to let your life push you around and put up with what it dishes out or you can choose to step up, create and steer your life in the direction you want it to go and the way you want it to be.

We offer a Transformational Coaching Program designed to help you discover what it is that is standing in your way, holding you back from moving forward, this programme will help enlighten you to all the possibilities, options, and opportunities that are available to you. 

It will help to empower you, give you the confidence to take the step by step action to make the changes necessary, resulting in sustainable change with success. You will be able to create and steer your life and have more control over the results that you seek moving forward.


“Thanks to Cheryl from elite life coach nz. Had an extremely helpful session” Charlotte

“Thanks to Cheryl elite life coach nz I was able to discover what was causing the waver in my relationship with my daughter” Carol

I offer Online Coaching Sessions face to face, over Zoom, and over the phone 

Be Kind to yourself Reward Yourself by engaging with a Transformational life coach today!

“Coaching is about engaging in a meaningful learning conversation where intention or inspiration is being calibrated to align with choice of action through a reflective thinking process.

It is an evocative process because looking from a higher vantage point it heightens awareness and creates a shift in thinking resulting in greater clarity on what is important in order to move forward.

The outcome is often audacious compelling one to take ownership and stepping out with boldness to create the ideal situation”

                                           Ben Koh, Founder of Coach Masters Academy

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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